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The Idea:

The Idea of Meteosail was to create a fast loading webpage about weather for sailing, without any thing that needs a lot of data despite of the real content we look for: metereological information. So I looked trough hundreds of pages, filtered out the not important things (such as banners, java and too much of html) and created a new page directly linking to all the good meteo stuff we need for sailing. Please respect, that Meteosail offers you this service for free and as long as the owners of the data do not have anything against it. Meteosail is not responsible for the contents of its pages and the pages it links to. If you have any good link that should be listed here, please contact Meteosail.


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Please note, that Meteosail does not provide any content, it only links you to the data via "frames". All content is still copyright protected by its owner. Meteosail is not responsible for any data shown trough one of its pages (frames)!



Special thanks to:

my parents who pay the internet connection and my Macintosh Computer

all those who sent (and will send) a good link

all metereologists and Organizations that offer their information on the web for free

all visitors that made Meteosail a success

everybody who links to Meteosail (and wishes it is listed on the "links " page)

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