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Autumn 1998:

I wrote my first homepage and located it at www.crosswinds.net/~bischi. It was a page about me and my hobbies. So I looked for the first meteo links for sailors.


Summer 2000:

I Move the page to my father's domain: www.bischofberger-optik.ch/meteosail. A new page was created with some frames: Meteosail was born.


Winter 2001:

The frames were replaced by tables and other things, the page was created with Netscape's communicator.


Autumn 2001:

I moved Meteosail to my own domain, to www.bischofberger.info/meteosail. The free domain www.meteosail.ch.vu was reserved and works.


Spring 2002:

I rebuilt the page with a demo version of dreamweaver. I included some css- Stile. the .html files are now a little bit smaller than before. All Outside links are now displayed in a frame, so that I know where you go and wich content is not viewed. So I can remove bad links and the pages will be again a little bit smaller and faster.


April 2002:

The site for Australia was added.


November 2002:

A slight update and some new helpful links, like tide calculation Software are added.


January 2003:

Links for France, Germany, New_Zealand and South_Africa are added.


February 2003:

Images Changed from jpg to gif -->80% leaner images -->the pages load faster.


Spring 2003:

New Links for:Argentina, Azores, Arab. Emirates,Brazil, Canada, Canary_Islands, Cape_Verde, Chile, Costa_Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, Madeira, Mauritius, Morocco, Portugal, Peru, Tunisia, Turkey,Venezuela, are added.


February 2004:

New Links for: American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Mariana_ Islands, Marshall_Islands, Micronesia, Palau, United States, are added.

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